Boxing Betting Terminology: Understanding the Jargon and Lingo

If you’re going to bet on anything, odds are that you’ll be betting on a boxing match. Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world and it can seem like there’s no end to the number of matches available. However if you intend to bet on boxing regularly, then it helps to understand the language and jargon. With a high payout percentage, gives you the best chance of winning big.

Here are some of the terms you may already be familiar with and some others that you may not be.

The Podium and The Ring

A boxing match in ทำนายเบอร์โทรศัพท์ is traditionally held in a ring or a round-shaped area of either land or water known as the ‘podium’. The ringside area becomes known as the ‘ring’.


The Bout

A ’bout’ is a single boxing match between two fighters. Sometimes there may be up to 12 bouts in a day and each bout is divided into three rounds, with each round consisting of three three-minute rounds.

The Scoring System

Boxers have to score a set number of punches before they can win the bout, usually 10 but sometimes less depending on the rules of the contest. A punch can score if it connects with the head or the body. But a boxer that is hit will lose one of their three rounds. This system is known as the ’10 point must’ system.

The Rounds

Each round consists of three three-minute rounds, with a mafia dk7สล็อต one-minute break in between each round so that the judges and referees can check for cuts and determine which fighter has been winning during that round. If there’s a tie, then both boxers lose that round (known as a ‘halt’). In some contests the judges only score the final round and the rest are decided with a ‘draw’.

The Judges

There are two judges stationed at ringside who score each round as it is finished, based on which boxer is winning during that round as determined by the referee. In theory, if a boxer is ahead on points for most rounds (so 1-0 to their opponent) then they should win on points; but this isn’t always followed in practice.

The Decisions

Both sides may protest a decision, but in reality there are no actual decisions made in such cases as the referee and judges hand down their own views on who was the victor of each round. If a boxer is ahead on points for most rounds, then his decision should be secure – unless there’s foul play involved in those rounds.

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