The Warhead W88

The W88 nuclear weapon is part of the latest family of projectile weapons, and it is similar in design to the W87. It was designed for use on the Stinger 2.  It offers a high output with increased precision to become a viable hard prospect death tool. It has become more immune to nuclear effects, and its safety precautions have been strengthened. 2 nuclear burst devices.

The RV CEP (circle error likelihood) ranges between 300 and four hundred feet.

The w88 กรุ๊ป basing mode resulted in fewer norms for nuclear missile hardening and safety and fire than the W-87, and thus lower weight. Because of the reliance on stealth and the lack of basing mode hardness (when compared to fixed silos), shock hardening was not required.

Because the submarines delivering Trident 2 must be small, the Vehicles are ‘enclosed over’ an extraordinarily powerful fuel top of the reactor. As a consequence, elevated concentrations of weapon fire prevention are no longer required. As a consequence, the weapon uses a lower-power explosion and does not have unresectable shielding. The firepit is indeed not retardant.

In the collapse of 1990, House mandated that research be undertaken on W-88 security due because it was used on or near hazardous bombs. In December, the research commission reported that reforming the ปั่นสล็อต w88 framework for using reduced energy space vehicle rocket fuel and also a retardant pit, as well as lowering ballistic missile load capacity would provide equivalent or better safety and effectiveness.

Fuzing and Delivery Mode

The fuzzing possibilities will most probably be identical to those found inside the W87 radioactive material controller “intelligent” detonating system, which contains:

Error detection using RUPL (radar-updated path length) (adjusts fuzing to minimize the effect of delivery inaccuracy)

Accelerometer with incorporated pressure (FBIA)

Explosive touch

The invention of a plasmatron launching mechanism

It was created and refined by the National Laboratory at Los Alamos (LANL). The concept is based on research performed before the signing of the Breakthrough Test Ban Treaty in March 1976. Job experiments on potential models had been performed at that point.

The Mk-5 RV is essentially the same as the Mk-21 used with the w88 475 kt.

The production of 4000-5000 units was cut short. Despite the prospect of resuming w88 manufacture utilizing reused mines from other munitions,  it was directed that manufacturing be stopped forever on Jan 29, 1992.

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